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I am proud to announce the release of my newest novel: Satan's Lapdogs.




















Reeling from the death of the love of his life, investigative reporter Dylan Cromwell begins a cross country road trip to reconnect with old college friends as he struggles to cope with the overwhelming loss. Dylan’s best friend’s wife asks him to use his investigative skills to search for a woman blogger who has disappeared while researching the plight of homeless women living on the street.

Dylan’s search leads him to a national conspiracy by farmers, ranchers, industrialists, politicians, and a militia who mistakenly believe he is a disgruntled NSA employee bringing them information about a military weapons cache ripe for the taking.

The Modern Minuteman Alliance militia intends to use the stolen weapons to arm their units, to force passage of climate change legislation, if their political allies falter in their effort to enact the American Climate Change Response Initiative. On the eve of the weapons heist Dylan finds himself in a deadly struggle with no backup, no means of escape, and few clues about the fate of the missing blogger .

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