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Dark Hearts in the Forest: A New Adventure in the Old South

Kit Carson's dream of escaping his soul crushing job collides with a serial killer's dream of reclaiming his position in his family's hierarchy. Kit invites four friends to an inherited century old homestead for a weekend of developing a business plan for the property and outdoor camaraderie. A careless shotgun blast puts Kit and his friends in the crossfire of an unhinged killer and his clever drug making partner. What should have been a relaxing outing becomes a case of 21st Century southern discomfort as Kit's group struggles to survive the deep forest, a ruthless killer, and each other. Dark Hearts in the Forest will leave you yearning to be in the great outdoors but looking over your shoulder once you are there in this novel of the 21st Century colliding with the traditions of the Old South.

ISBN-13: 978-1974520497
ISBN-13: 978-1480272569
A shocking murder caught on camera goes viral exposing the location of a former federally protected witness still wanted by the cybercrime syndicate she helped bring down. Newlyweds Derrick and Rhiannon Brewster are suddenly plunged into a life and death cross country chase as professional killers, dispatched by the syndicate, try to tie up loose ends and exact revenge on the one witness who got away. The couple must decide what they are willing to do to stay alive and reclaim the life they had just started together as unexpected obstacles and assassins conspire to end their lives.


ISBN-13: 978-1469963969


Following a school shooting where students and a beloved teacher die, reporter Rich Johnson investigates the circumstances, the bullying, and the teen angst that drove two youths to resort to guns to get anyone to listen to them. During his research a DVD is delivered to Rich with videos and a message from the deceased shooters. The videos and emotional message sends the reporter on a path where he finds himself on a journey into the depths of teenage anxiety and becomes an unwilling pawn in a second planned attack that will make the first attack pale in comparison.



ISBN-13: 978-1500954871

Written by a veteran teacher following 21 years in public schools this book provides tips and exercises that will help you prepare your child for the realities of public education. This book provides practical advice and examples of how you can use everday activities to help build a foundation for learning before your child enters his or her first classroom. Also included are safe websites that help build curiosity and learning skills in your child. This guide helps parents create and utilize teachable moments that could turn your child into an all-star pupil.