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for Dark Hearts in the Forest.

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Comments from readers:

"A great read for a rainy day in the hunting camp."  Josh B.

"This novel shows women in a bad light but The Greek Fire has a strong savvy woman protagonist. Don't you know how you feel about women?"  S.G.A.

"An enjoyable read. Looking forward to your next novel."  Richard D.

"A good read but you downplayed the opioid crisis. Addiction has consequences and should be taken more seriously."  T.

"I think you know my brothers in law and used them for character models!" Julie C.

"Men doing realistic manly things. No magic, no superpowers, no monsters. A good ole fashioned adventure yarn. Good for you." George K.

"My favorite line is: "I love you like brothers. Like brothers I have seen enough of till the next blue moon Christmas." Great!" Billie M.